How do you wake up in the morning?

This is a simple question.  No metaphors behind the question.  I’m merely asking how do you wake up in the mornings?

Do you jump out of bed to an alarm clock?

Do you press the snooz button 5 too many times?

Does your body naturally wake you up?

Do you sleep in the day away?

Next question, how do you feel in the morning?

Are you tired, or are you rested?

Are you dreading the day’s duties, or are you excited and ready to take it on?

How do you spend the first five minutes after waking up?

Does it take you 25 minutes to clear out the cobwebs?

Do you run down the checklist of to-do’s.

Can I tell you what I do?

I wake up to an alarm now.  However, it’s not that heart jolting stomach rattling incessant buzzing.  It’s to my new favorite song by the talented Nina Porter.  I no longer sleep in until my kids come to get me out of bed.  no longer dread the morning routine.  I wake up with a clear head, outline of goals for the day, and an open mind ready to conquer anything and everything as I say,

"I am an unstoppable, courageous, and powerful woman."

Go ahead and try it!  Don’t underestimate the power behind music.  Find a song you love to wake up to, and I guarantee you’ll be waking up on the right side of the bed every morning.

If you can’t think of a song, feel free to wake up to this one.

Have a great day!

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