What do I do? What do I not do.

“What do you do?”

I struggle on how to answer that question. I sometimes just laugh, and say, “What do I not do?”

I don’t have a simple answer like nurse, teacher, or accountant.

I am the wife of a firefighter. I am a stay at home mom to a fifth grader and seventh grader. My seventh grader, has the same eye condition as me, so we had many years of fighting with the school system to get what she needs to succeed. My fifth grader had a year of Awful GI issues, where we found out he cannot process lactos and sucrose. Sucrose (processed sugar) is basically in everything, so I get to cook everything from scratch for my family, which I absolutely love doing because real food and Whole Foods are the best foods! I decided staying home with my kids is more important than chasing a big career, and with my husband’s work schedule, it works best for our family. He is gone for 24 hour shifts, every other 24 hours, for 5 shifts, than gets 6 days home. Sometimes, he’s gone for 48 or 72 hour stretches, and the six days are not quite enough time for him to catch up on rest, especially if he’s working more shifts during that 6 day. But, we sure do love those 6 days during the summer when he only needs to vacation 5 shifts, and we get a whole 21 days to adventure.

I have this blog that I’ve neglected. I used to travel and do motivational speaking pre-pandemic. I occasionally get contracted to write an article or blog for someone else, or consult on something blindness related. I am an advocate and leader in the blindness community. Since joining the National Federation of the Blind in 2005, I’ve held leadership positions in the National Association of Blind Students, and National Organization of Parents of Blind Children. I currently serve on the National Federation of the Blind Board of Directors, National Braille Press Board of Trustees, and Board of Directors of Blind inc. For the last 6 years, I have served as President of the National Federation of the Blind of Nevada.

When I am not working on a project, planning an event, or fundraising for one of these organizations which I love, I am learning all I can about nutrition/ health/ fitness as a certified health coach, I enjoy hours on the back of the tandem bike with my husband, and I am a Runner.

I purposefully used a capital R above. I am not just a runner. I Love Running! I love it when I can get a few hours for a nice long run. I love the peace running brings me. I love the clarity that comes when I’m able to clear out the chatter in my head and just focus on my breath. I love the creative juices that flow, that’s actually not just sweat. I Love Running!

Ask me about running, and that I won’t struggle to give you an answer about. I’ll tell you about my big bad running dream of being the first blind woman to run the worlds toughest Road race, the Badwater 135. shhh… Hopefully there is not another blind woman going after this goal. But you know what? The best thing about running, and ultrarunning, is that you’re not competing against anyone else. At least, I am not competing against
anyone else. When I run, I run my race, not anyone else’s. When I run, I run with gratitude for the fact that my body can allow me to do this, and for the community of guides who take the tether.

Is that too long of an explanation when I am asked, “What do you do?” 


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