Earning Hope Molecules

You know those Hope molecules? 


They affect your mood, your immune system, every organ in your body, your brain, your bodies natural  anti-depressant.

Your endocrine system does not give these out freely though. You have to earn your hope molecules by doing some sort of physical activity that works your muscles. 

Walk, run, bike, hike, dance, anything at all that will get your blood flowing and heart rate going.

Most of my morning was spent taking care of my son. Now that he’s feeling a bit  better and playing with the kids on our street, I’ve got my pretty new purple #Hokas laced up and ready for some miles and smiles around the neighborhood. Race day is less than 2 weeks away. Physically, my body is ready to crush 100 miles. Mentally and emotionally, I need as many Hope molecules as I can get.

#MilesANdSmiles #BlindMotherRunner #TimeToFly


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