Cheers to a 2023 filled with adventure, happiness, health, and wealth!

2022 was a year that truly tested us: a long search of what was causing Jackson’s tummy pain, Aaron and his heart issues and the fear that came with it and frustrations with workers comp, letting go of relationships personally and professionally, and the continued work to live the best versions of ourselves no matter what we might be swimming through emotionally.   

Despite the obstacles thrown at us, we still managed to kick 2022 in the butt. Our family made tons more deposits in the memory bank with another trip to Susanville, Big Rock Candy Mountain, our first trip to the Rockies and mammoth, and shared so many miles and smiles in the van, on foot, our paddle boards, and the bikes. We figured out the root cause of Jackson’s tummy pain, got him back in school, in GATE, the Lego robotics league, and promoted to another belt in jujitsu. Aaron not only said, “Take a hike,” to nay sayers, he summitted both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Whitney, restored my parents old house so they could sell it after the tenants trashed it, said good bye to his 101 year old grandma and reconnected with old family members at her funeral. Marley crushed 120 miles during the 33 day National Braille Press   Braille Across America Challenged, set a 5K PR, started jujitsu and promoted to her second belt, more than doubled her braille reading speed, and is thriving in seventh grade and loving choir. I ran another ultra completing 150 miles in 72 hours, PR’d the St. George Marathon with a 4:56 time, said, “So what?” To certain situations, “Why not?” to some others, and “So long,” to a few more. I’m still working on boundaries, not sweating the small stuff, and the art of letting go.

We had fun pulling out all the New Year’s good luck superstitions. We carried around empty suitcases, ate 12 grapes, ran around the house 7 times, opened the windows and doors, super cleaned the house before NYE and didn’t do any cleaning at all on New Year’s day, ate pork, noodles, something round, something green, broke plates, made lots of noise, and even chose wisely what color underwear to be sporting  when the clock struck midnight. 

🍾 🥳 cheers to a year of adventure, happiness, health, and wealth. 🥂 


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