Learning About Hope Molecules

I learned a new word last night during dinner. My husband shared with me something he recently discovered.


Hope molecules!

Simply put, myokines are chemicals that your muscles create and release when you contract them, when you exercise!

My mama heart is heavy with so many feels. My boy has been battling chronic tummy problems for over 16 months. After seeing a G.I. specialist, undergoing the typical tests, trying every elimination diet we’ve heard of, and doing our best to feed him the cleanest most possible foods, we are still in the exact place we were last year.

It has been an exceptionally difficult week here. It hurts to see my boy hurting. I have just felt so utterly helpless.

So now that I’ve learned about these hope molecules, these chemicals that are part of your endocrine system that are only released when you exercise, I’ll try not to be too pushy about the importance of health and fitness.

Yeah, right!

I’m going to learn as much as I can learn about hope molecules and encourage my friends and family to get up and moving. I’m going to appreciate my runs that much more.

My emotions have been battling it out on the course. Helpless, frustrated, and exhausted have been in the lead. After a phone call with the Mayo Clinic, grateful and hopeful were given a cup full of Myokine by the aid station volunteers. My emotions have learned the importance of pacing themselves though. After all, I prefer ultra marathons.


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