Drunk off of Vulnerability

photo of me holding a glass of white wine

As some of you may know, I have been in a leadership program on emotional intelligence.  I am in the middle of the leadership portion of the program, and last weekend I became drunk off of vulnerability.  I totally drank the cool-aid and I can’t sober up.  Best of all I don’t want to sober up.  This feeling inside my chest, my entire body, is so powerfully engulfing that I never want to loose it.  Please allow me to share this feeling with you.

I’ve tried sitting down and writing my, “Drunk off of Vulnerability,” post since Monday morning and have gotten nowhere.  I can’t stop crying.  Needing a little help of putting this intoxicating sensation into words, I decided to watch one of my favorite Ted Talks, “The Power of Vulnerability,” bye Brene Brown.  She sums it up perfectly.

1.  I’ve gotten rid of shame.

2.  I have a sense of love and belonging, because I believe I am worthy of love and belonging.

3.  I live whole heartedly.

4.  I have the courage to be imperfect.

5.  I have the compassion to tend to myself first, then to others.

6.  I have a connection with others because of my authenticity.

7.  I fully embrace vulnerability.

8.  I believe what makes me vulnerable makes me beautiful.

So, to you I ask, what makes you vulnerable?

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