Lost in Never-Neverland

One of the shows my kids love to waqtch these days is Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  It’s a spoof off of Peter Pan where Jake and his band of pirates battle it out with Captain Hook in each episode.  Personally, I can’t stand the show.  It’s just as reidiculous as Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego.

To add to the Neverland pretend play I hear between them, Jackson received a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Lego set for his birthday last October.  It’s always, “I’m Jake, and your so and so.”  “NO!  I’m Jake and you’re so and so.”  I could really care less to remember the other character names.

I’m Mommy, and I’m stuck in Never-Neverland!

Never done picking up the house.

Never done with the laundry.

Never done cleaning the kids rooms.

Never done with the dishes.

Never done cleaning the toothpaste off of the bathroom mirror.

Never done with this…

Never done with that…

While Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, the lost boys, and now Jake and his pirates may love it in Neverland, I’m desperately searching for a way out.

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