I’m back from my Thanksgiving coma

I’m here!  I’m back, back from my Thanksgiving coma.

My house has been full of festivities and in the last 12 days the door to Casa de Rupp have been open to family and friends coming and going.

From house guests, to play dates, from hosting a Thanksgiving feast for 20, to quick visits from the parents. We may have well have had a revolving door with a sign that reads, “Welcome!  Rates negotiable.”
With so much going on, the computer has not seemed quite as enticing as the kitchen,the  couch in front of the gass fireplace, or out back around the wood burning fire pit.
It’s not over yet! For the next few weeks my blogs will be much shorter, and much sweeter. It’s not about the length but the quality, right? Forgive any miss placed comas or typos as most of my blogging will be coming from my phone.
Be prepared to read all sorts of fun as my iPhone and I curl up all cozy under a blanket and log into WordPress.
How did you spend your Thanksgiving week?

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