Fleece Sheets

I’m lying here in the dark in bed, listening to the rhythmic breathing of both kids on either side of me and the snoring of my 60 pound bulldog at my feet.
Cozy, comfy, completely content
In my new Sherpa lined fuzzy fleece sheets.
If you don’t have a set, than you absolutely MUST get yourself a set this winter.
I’m not talking about flannel sheets.
Fleece sheets!
Slipping into bed feels like slipping into a warm fuzzy hug. The only bad part about them is when morning comes and you have to get out of bed.
Go ahead. Get yourself a set. I just got a set for every bed in our house.
This is not an ad or review for a specific brand or company. I’m just so excited about these fleece sheets that I have to dedicate a whole blog to them. You can find them anywhere. I got mine from Amazon, my mom got hers from Ross.
I guarantee this is one purchase that you will be completely cozy and content about making this winter.

2 thoughts on “Fleece Sheets

  1. I love a whole post dedicated to sheets! Fleece sheets are good in theory, but not for me. In a garden apartment where they turn up the heat to NUCLEAR In October and don’t shut it down till May, it’s sleeveless nightgowns and barely covered all winter long. 🙂


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