Dear Santa, Please bring me patience.

Dear Santa,

Please bring me patience.  Please bring me strength to hold my tongue when dealing with the Vision Services Department of the Clark County School District.  Please bring me tools to overcome obstacles that may fall into my path.  Please bring me piece of mind when I send my daughter to school.  Please bring me a blow horn because I am about to scream and I’d love for everyone in this underfunded and understaffed school district that we live in to hear that this is one pissed off mom.

My daughter’s IEP was last March.  She started pre-k in August.  We added Braille instruction as an amendment in September.  She was assessed, once again, for a second time to see what her best medium for learning would be in November, and it is now December.  The assessment has still not yet been submitted by the assessor for review.  We are now being asked for more eye records, which we’ve signed and signed again for permission for them to retrieve.

Think of all the parents out there who aren’t educated on their rights. Think of all the parents who don’t know how to advocate for their children.  Think of how many children will be falling through the cracks.

This is why I have organized the Nevada Organization of Parents of Blind Children.  I will not sit back and let my daughter miss out on an equal education, and I won’t let other parents do the same.  We are here to learn from one another, gain strenths and strategies when it’s time to walk into that conference room for our child’s IEP, and support each other through whatever challenges that may come our way.

I am fortunate to have found the National Federation of the Blind and the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children, and it is my passion and goal to share the positive blindness philosophy of the federation with whomever I come into contact with.  Every single child is, “Learning Capable.”  As parents and educators, it is our duty to ensure that we provide them with a stimulating, safe, and thriving place to play, learn, and grow.

Yours Truly,


PS. I could also use a new apron too.


2 thoughts on “Dear Santa, Please bring me patience.

  1. I feel you! There are lots of us moms who finally got tired of fighting year after year and decided to teach our blind kids ourselves, especially kids who needed dual media. We have a wonderful yahoo group called blindhomeschooler if you’re interested. We support each other in the IEP process and support each other if we decide to homeschool. Either way, we are fierce about our children’s education!


  2. Keep pushing. The IEP process is grueling, but worth it when it comes out right. I remember David’s parents advocating for him when they tried to teach him the print alphabet in kindergarten. I don’t think child study teams were even invented back then… His dad blasted into school and explained loud and clear to the principal and teacher how retinitis pigmentosa works. “His vision will get worse every year till lights out! He needs to know Braille!” He was a smart man. And you’re a smart mama. Good luck.


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