Today Was a Musical Monday. Does Your Family Have a Theme Song?

I dub today our musical Monday.

We love music.  It’s pretty obvious if you haven’t noticed by now.  I mean, really, our children’s names are Marley and Jackson.  Pretty recently after Jackson began talking, I overheard the following conversation between the kids.

Marley, “Jackson are you Bob Marley?”

Jackson, “Yeah.”

Marley, “No you’re not.  You’re Michael Jackson, and I’m Bob Marley.”

Just last month, during their birthday adventure hike, one of the parents asked the kids what song we should all sing, and Marley replied, “Hey Jude!”

Today was especially a musical day around here.  Yesterday, I was looking for a magical do-over button to start the day over with more energy and in a better mood.  Wel, found it.  It was in the form of a good night’s rest.  This morning, I awoke ready to welcome in a new week with rhythm and bounce in my steps.

Pancakes were served with a side of kids songs on Pandora.  We dance, jumped, and shook our booties to, “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Five Little Monkeys,” “Oh McDonald,” and of course all of our Disney favorites from, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” “Hakuna Matata,” and “Under the Sea.”

We finished off our day with homemade ice cream after dinner accompanied by more calory burning craziness.

A few songs we love love love, songs that I like to think of as our family theme songs are;

“Everything is Awesome,” from the Lego Movie

“All You Need is Love,” by the Beetles

“Happy,” by Pharrell Williams

“Count on Me,” by Bruno Mars

“Give it Away,” by the Red Hot Chile Peppers

“Get Up Stand Up,” by Bob Marley

and of course, our all time favorite to belt out on our countless road trips, “Hey Jude,” by the Beetles.

Does your family have a theme song?  If you’re answer is no, then get working on finding one.  If yes, I’d love to hear what it is.

I leave you with this, if you didn’t get a chance to do so today, it’s not too late to get tomorrow off to a great start by turning up the tunes and giving it all you’ve got.  You can do it.  I guarantee you’ll feel great afterwards.

Have a fabulous week!

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