Can I Have a Do Over Day?

Today is cold, windy, and I am tired and cranky.  I had intended on todays blog to be about our fabulous night of family bowling.  Not anymore.  This mamma just wants to crawl under the covers and close her eyes and press that magical do-over button I wish existed.

So yes, last night we took the kids bowling.  It may have been a bad idea to make it an evening outing.  Jackson fell asleep while we ate dinner.  The first hour there he either spent in a major tantrum screaming his lungs out or clinging to my lap.  It wasn’t until close to 8:30pm when our game was almost over that he was ready to bowl with the other kids.  Marley however, had a blast!  She was all about learning the rules of the game, staying right next to whomever’s turn it was to make sure their fingers were in the right holes, and cheering everyone on.

Not saying that we didn’t have fun, just saying that it may have been a better idea to make it an afternoon activity instead of an evening one.

You see, my daughter suffers from night terrors.  During the toddler years, these occurred almost nightly and were often occumpanied by vomiting.  They have lessoned as she grown up and we’ve kept the triggers to a minimum.  These triggers are either exhaustion or overstimulation.  So you can bet Cosmic Bowling, loud music, flashing lights, lots and lots of excitement would bring on a night terror.  One of the worst ones yet.

Combine the night terrors , a hubby with back pain, and night time potty training where I have to set alarms to wake Jackson up to go pee, that makes for a very tired and cranky Mama.

Coffee hasn’t helped.  Cooking an awesome breakfast which was barely touched by the kids, really didn’t help.  I planned to take the kids to the park to burn out some of their wild energy.  However, the fights of what to wear, hair brushing, finishing breakfast, cleaning up their rooms ended in no park day.  If you have children, you understand that is translates to more of a punishmant for me than them, but I have to stick with my threats if I dish them out.

Maybe a nap will help.

I am going to turn on Mickey’s Magical Christmas, and disappear to my bedroom with a hot cup of peppermint tea and a glass of wine.   Hopefully when the movie is over, they haven’t killed each other, and I magically found that do-over button.



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