Ahh… Is This What Morning Feels Like?

sun rising in the desert Inhale… hold… exhale…

The feelings of calm collection, peaceful reflection, and inspiration of what awaits softly stir in the silence.

I savor the sultry aroma of hot coffee under my nose.  It is still too hot to sip.  I hear nothing.  The house is quiet, kids still in bed, and hubby has taken off to work.

mmm… ahh… is this what a quiet morning sounds like?

I don’t like mornings, but I love mornings like these.  It’s so easy to stay curled up in bed, especially on colder days.

Ahh… but this is so nice…

Why don’t I take advantage of this more often?  Why do I choose to lay in bed until the kids wake me up?  Why don’t I wake with the sun, or even yet, before the sun?

mmm… I sip coffee…

ahh… the house is still quiet…

Good morning Tuesday.  We will make this a beautiful day.


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