Mommy’s Spidey Senses are Tingling

OK OK so I’m not that big of a Spiderman fan, Batman is way more sexy, but this is a catchier title.

I like to believe that every mom has a special spidey sense that keeps her in tune with what her children are up to.  I can tell you now that since Jackson has started crawling, my spidey senses have been on high alert.  You see, this little creature of mine gets into EVERYTHING.  I am constantly finding him splashing in the toilets if I don’t remember to keep the lid down and bathroom door shut.  It’s either that or finding him with one hand splashing away in the dog water while the other one is shoveling dog food into his mouth.  Why is that babies love dog food? He loves to try everything his sister is doing; from jumping on the trampoline to climbing up the wrong way on the slide.  If I’m not careful he’ll sneak outside if the door is slightly open and try eating anything he can get his hands on, leaves, rocks, dirt, and twigs.  I’m serious when I say this kid is fast.  A few weeks ago I fished a dime out of his mouth.  Yesterday, I threw a baby shower here and I guess I didn’t pick up all of the popped balloons because twice I fished balloon pieces out of his mouth.  I just wonder how many things he’s put in there that I didn’t get to in time.  It really scares me to think of the day that I don’t catch him in time and something really does get caught in his airway.  Yes, my husband is a paramedic, but he’s not always here.  It’s up to me and trusting my spidey senses to stay on top of things.

I hope you don’t think that we’re slobs and we’ve got stuff cluttered everywhere.  Unless we’ve just had a party or play date, our house is usually spotless.  My husband is just a little bit OCD about organization and cleanliness.  This is a good thing when I can’t see well.  This means that when I go reach for something in the pantry or spice cabinet everything is exactly where it should be.  This also means that the floors are always mopped and toilets always clean (he does all this by the way).  But no matter how clean or picked up our house may be, there will always be something for Jackson to find and stick in his mouth.  Or there will always we a baby lock that he can figure out.  Or there will always be a table or bed for him to hide under while I search all 2,085 square feet of our house on my hands and knees.  There will always be an outlet cover that he manages to pry loose.  There will always be his sister’s hair to pull handfuls of.  It’s a never ending list around here of things that Jackson loves to do to keep me on my toes.

I honestly really don’t remember it being this way with Marley.  But then again, I am looking after two kids now and there is just one of me and two of them.

So today Jackson got to wear bells.  I know a few blind moms who also use these bells to keep track of their kids.  Today Marley learned how to sing, “Jingle Jackson, Jingle Jackson, Jingle all the way.  Oh what fun, it is to crawl, and jingle everyday.”

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