Just a Little Bit Blue

Maybe it’s the stormy weather.  Maybe it’s because I’m feeling sad for my parents who just lost a dear friend and employee of almost twenty years to cancer.  Maybe it’s because I’m still feeling icky with this sort of flu I picked up while in California.  Maybe it’s because it’s almost that time of month.  But today, I’m feeling just a little bit blue.

Perhaps it’s my body’s way of telling me to slow down and smell the roses.  Well not the roses, since we live in the desert, but we do have rosemary and jasmineright outside our front door.  It’s been a busy busy summer around here.  We just got back from our third trip to Northern California since May, (and two of those trips were in August).  These are long eight to ten hours in the car with an almost one year old, an almost three year old, and our family dog.

Our last trip was to attend Aaron’s cousin’s wedding.  There was no way we could have missed it.  We always make such a big deal about family, even though we had just finished that awful drive less than two weeks earlier, we HAD to be there.

There we are at Becky’s wedding. Of course Marley and Jackson refused to look at the camera.

Sometimes I just get a little bit sad that we live so far from our family.  I come from a large, loud, and loving family who always seems to be there at the drop of a dime.  My brother, who will be leaving to Afghanistan in just a few weeks, decided to pay a visit from his post in Georgia over Labor Day weekend to see my parents since they can’t see him because they run a mom and pops donut shop and have both been working 16- hours a day.  Last Friday my mom’s house was filled with lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins along with food, wine, laughter, and recollections of fond memories.  All that was missing was my brother’s wife, there two little girls, and my sister who lives in Texas.   This will be the first Christmas my parents don’t have any of their children home.  You see, growing up it was always my parents’ house that was filled with people on Christmas morning.  It hasn’t been the same since we’ve all grown up and moved away, but we always still try to get together for the holidays.

We already have another trip (which means another long eight to ten hour drive) scheduled in October for Aaron’s sister’s baby shower.  However, feeling the way I do now, my longing and need for my family just might mean that we may be finishing up 2012 with yet another trip up there for Christmas.

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