Mommy Moments #56,432 Give or Take a Few Hundred

Every now and then I post those adorable, historical, and unforgettable moments on Facebook.

Here are a few recent mommy moments from the past few days I thought I’d share.

Mommy Moments #________

“Kids, we don’t stick straws up our noses in this house!”

“If you want to sleep in my bed you have to wash your hands after pooping.”

“My lap is big enough for both kids, just like my heart is big enough.”

Marley says, “I wish we could cut you in half like we cut pancakes in half so we could both cuddle with you in our beds at the same time.”

Jackson says, “Mommy wipes better than Daddy.  I don’t want Daddy to wipe my butt.”

Jackson says, “I want to have a green Ninja Turtle cane so I can be blind like Mommy and Marley.”

Marley says, “When I’m big enough like you, I’m going to have my own husband and he’s going to go to work at his own fire station.”

walking back into the house after I’ve only been gone less than ten minutes for a jog, Jackson runs up and hugs my legs, “Mommy you’re back!  I missed you so much!”

…the other morning Jackson slipped into bed with me after Daddy left for work.  Each time I tried to get out of bed he wrapped his arms around me saying, “Don’t go, stay with me.”

…Marley just walked in and I had to step away from the computer because she needed, “Marley and Mommy time,”  We cuddled on her bed, talked about the plans for the day, I taught her how to make her own grilled cheese and pepperoni sandwich. As she gobbles down her sandwich in the next room, I’m vigorously typing away so that I can dedicate the rest of the day completely present and in the moment, for every single one of those Mommy Moments.

I would love to hear some of your adorable, historical, and unforgettable mommy ,moments.



From Mommy Can’t, to Mommy Can

walking home from the fall festival

walking home from the fall festival

A few Saturdays ago, I told the  kids to put on their Halloween costumes and we would be going to the Fall Festival.  As we walked out the front door, Marley asked me, “Who’s going to drive us?”  My simple reply, “Nobody’s going to drive us baby.  It’s just us, and we’re going to have a great day.”

Snacking on our loot of candy after the festival

Snacking on our loot of candy after the festival

It saddened me when I realize earlier that week that my daughter has begun to notice the mommy can’ts, more than the mommy cans.  Mommy can’t drive.  Mommy can’t read small letters.  Mommy can’t this.  Mommy can’t that.

All you want as a mom is for your children to look up to you and want to be like you, right?  If she is acknowledging these things now, than what else will she start to pick up on?  Especially if she is going to grow up to be a confident and strong young woman.  I want her to know that mommy can, so she too can.

This mommy has decided to abolish the phrase, “Mommy can’t,” from our household vocabulary.  From now on, it will be all about what mommy, “can,” do.

Mommy can read Braille.  Mommy can cook.  Mommy can bake cookies and cakes.  Mommy can hike.  Mommy can fix my toys.  Mommy can take us to the festival. Mommy can hulu hoop on one foot.  Mommy can sew my dolly back together.

Mommy can hike.

Hiking at Valley of Fire State Park

Strength, confidence, and passion are the characteristics I want my children to see when they look at me.  What are a few things you want your children to see in you?


Mommy Makeover

I can tell you the last three times that I’ve worn make up.  Last night, at a friend’s wedding where I was a bridesmaid in 2008, and at my own wedding in 2007.  I haven’t owned any make up since 2007, and since my daughter destroyed the last of my shimmery lipgloss a few months ago, I haven’t bothered to replace it.  I always used the excuse that I don’t like to wear make up because I don’t need it.  Yes, that is partly true.  I rather do hate the way it feels on my skin.  However the main reason is that I’ve never truly felt comfortable with applying it.  Crazy since I love all other things girly like clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry, that I can’t even apply my own make up.


Here’s a great candid from my wedding of me and two of my best gal pals, Yolanda and LM. These are two very confident and beautiful blind women.

I know plenty of blind women who wear make up daily.  I’ve been part of plenty of seminars teaching blind youth about beauty tricks and tips.  but when it comes down to it, I am 30 years old and I can’t even put on my own make up.  Don’t think that this is an, “Oh poor me, pity party,” blog post.  This is more of a self admission of the truth.  Why should I let this bother me and make me feel any  less feminine?


That’s me in the same outfit I wore last night, but this was last January with my friends Deja and Jessica, also two stylish blind bloggers.

This weekend I had one of my oldest and dearest friends in town and my husband and I join her and her friends for dinner and dancing.  I decided to wear my fit and flare snake skin print dress from Express, black peep toe Maryjane pumps, a thin black belt, my black coral necklace I bought in Hawaii, and dangly silver and black earrings.  Something seemed to be missing.  Especially if I was going the Hakkasan Nightclub, supposedly the “It” club of the season.  I thought about leaving early and stopping at Sephora or Mac for a little makeover and picking up some basics, but that would mean leaving the baby sitter would need to arrive earlier, and we already planned to have her for ten hours with the kids.  So I sucked up my pride and asked a good friend if she wouldn’t mind stopping by to help me out with my make up.  She did an incredible job.


There I am with hubby all done up before heading out to Las Vegas Blvd for the night.

Now that I am 30. my skin isn’t as great as it used to be.  The dry climate has perpetuated a constant cycle of dry/oily skin.  I think it’s time I start looking into doing a little bit more for my face.  And for those evenings where I want to get dressed up and look just a little bit glamorous, maybe it’s time I invest in some basic essentials in the make up department.