Mommy Moments #56,432 Give or Take a Few Hundred

Every now and then I post those adorable, historical, and unforgettable moments on Facebook.

Here are a few recent mommy moments from the past few days I thought I’d share.

Mommy Moments #________

“Kids, we don’t stick straws up our noses in this house!”

“If you want to sleep in my bed you have to wash your hands after pooping.”

“My lap is big enough for both kids, just like my heart is big enough.”

Marley says, “I wish we could cut you in half like we cut pancakes in half so we could both cuddle with you in our beds at the same time.”

Jackson says, “Mommy wipes better than Daddy.  I don’t want Daddy to wipe my butt.”

Jackson says, “I want to have a green Ninja Turtle cane so I can be blind like Mommy and Marley.”

Marley says, “When I’m big enough like you, I’m going to have my own husband and he’s going to go to work at his own fire station.”

walking back into the house after I’ve only been gone less than ten minutes for a jog, Jackson runs up and hugs my legs, “Mommy you’re back!  I missed you so much!”

…the other morning Jackson slipped into bed with me after Daddy left for work.  Each time I tried to get out of bed he wrapped his arms around me saying, “Don’t go, stay with me.”

…Marley just walked in and I had to step away from the computer because she needed, “Marley and Mommy time,”  We cuddled on her bed, talked about the plans for the day, I taught her how to make her own grilled cheese and pepperoni sandwich. As she gobbles down her sandwich in the next room, I’m vigorously typing away so that I can dedicate the rest of the day completely present and in the moment, for every single one of those Mommy Moments.

I would love to hear some of your adorable, historical, and unforgettable mommy ,moments.



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