“Mommy is Fat”

At 107 pounds, I am nowhere near fat.  I just tried on my wedding dress and it is looser on me now than when I wore it over 6 years ago.  I have gone from a size 6 to a size 2 in pants, and from a M to XS in dresses and shirts.

So, why is my daughter calling me fat?

Well…it’s because she heard me use the F word.  After a delicious meal I’d say, “Oh…I feel so fat.”  Or I might say things like, “I’m so fat in this.”

Raising children in a city like Las Vegas, where you are bombarded with billboards of strip clubs, pool parties on the Boulevard, bikini parades, and where most women pay $$$$ so they can look like Holly Madison isn’t like raising children in other cities.  Where body image is everything, and obesity is now a national epidemic, I feel like I need to take extra care of how I portray a beautiful body to my daughter.  Beauty isn’t about having a small waist or big bust.  Beauty is about being healthy.

I haven’t lost all that weight with any crazy diet or work out regime.  We’ve simply taken on a clean and healthy active life style.  I love food as much as the next person.  I’ve even been told that I eat like a man.  Give me a bacon cheese burger and fries, and I’ll clean my plate and wash it down with a beer.  Cutting out processed foods, refined sugars, family walks, and even goofy family dance parties to break a sweat are just an example of what I mean by a clean and healthy active lifestyle.

So, the next time my stomach is about to burst from a delicious meal, I’ll think twice before using the F word.