Fight Fire with Flowers

Here's a lovely photo of a flower from our Honeymoon in Hawaii

Here’s a lovely photo of a flower from our Honeymoon in Hawaii

I have come to find that there will always be a Yin to my Yang.  There will always be an oil to my water.  There will always be  a reaction to my action.  However, what I realized this morning is that the best way to get what you want is to fight fire with flowers.

What?  Fight fire with flowers?

Yes.  To make ugliness in the world disappear, we must replace it with beauty.  What is more lovely and naturally beautiful than a flower?

I have my personal, professional, and emotional fires sometime simmering, sometimes, smoldering, and sometimes boiling over.

Thank you Mrs. Anderson for the image of the flower in my Facebook newsfeed this morning.



“Mommy is Fat”

At 107 pounds, I am nowhere near fat.  I just tried on my wedding dress and it is looser on me now than when I wore it over 6 years ago.  I have gone from a size 6 to a size 2 in pants, and from a M to XS in dresses and shirts.

So, why is my daughter calling me fat?

Well…it’s because she heard me use the F word.  After a delicious meal I’d say, “Oh…I feel so fat.”  Or I might say things like, “I’m so fat in this.”

Raising children in a city like Las Vegas, where you are bombarded with billboards of strip clubs, pool parties on the Boulevard, bikini parades, and where most women pay $$$$ so they can look like Holly Madison isn’t like raising children in other cities.  Where body image is everything, and obesity is now a national epidemic, I feel like I need to take extra care of how I portray a beautiful body to my daughter.  Beauty isn’t about having a small waist or big bust.  Beauty is about being healthy.

I haven’t lost all that weight with any crazy diet or work out regime.  We’ve simply taken on a clean and healthy active life style.  I love food as much as the next person.  I’ve even been told that I eat like a man.  Give me a bacon cheese burger and fries, and I’ll clean my plate and wash it down with a beer.  Cutting out processed foods, refined sugars, family walks, and even goofy family dance parties to break a sweat are just an example of what I mean by a clean and healthy active lifestyle.

So, the next time my stomach is about to burst from a delicious meal, I’ll think twice before using the F word.