Playing Catch Up

On November 28th, I published my 75th blog post.  I ended the post with a challenge to myself to post 75 blogs in the next 75 days.  If you follow me, and read my blog regularly, than you have noticed that I haven’t been around these last few days.  Fear not!  This doesn’t mean I will not meet my goal of publishing 75 blogs in 75 days.  This merely means there will be a few days I will be publishing more than one blog.  Starting with today,  I might just publish one, some days I might publish two, and if I’m really ambitious, I might even crank out three.

Where have I been and why did I miss Saturday, Sunday, and Monday?

I spent the weekend at the annual state convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Nevada.   As I play the game of Musical Chairs, I have decided it was time for me to get back in the game and change negative misconceptions and low expectations about blindness.  Stakes have been raised and rules have changed now that my daughter has been thrown into the court.  You can bet your britches that this mom is NOT going to stand on the sidelines.  I will be the loudest, the most competitive, and the strongest advocate to fight on behalf of my daughter’s rights and the rights of all blind children.

During the convention, I met other parents and we are organizing the Nevada Organization of Parents of Blind Children.  It is my hope for this organization to bring together parents, provide resources, connect blind shildren with positive blind role models, and creat and implement programs for blind children in our state.

I fully intended on blogging via my WordPress ap on my iPhone, but the ap insisted it would rather crash on me.  After the fourth attempt, I took it as a sign that I needed to turn off my phone, take a break, and take a nap.

Sunday on Monday were spent catching up with housework, cuddles with the kiddos, and a lovely afternoon meandering through the Venetian playing catch up with one of my oldest and dearest friends.

And here I am now, back in front of the computer with the kids tucked away in their beds.  I will finish this delicious cup of tea, possibly start a second blog for the night, and start on the glass of wine that’s calling out my name.  I’ve enjoyed catching up.  I hope you have too.


Marley followed this girl around thinking she was a princess. Suddenly out of nowhere, she worked up the courage and ran up and gave her princess a great big hug.


Jackson didn’t know what to think of this statue guy. He got more and more frustrated as he tried to give him a dollar.



My 75th Blog Post

75!  Have I really written 74 blogs?  It feels like I’ve just started this blogging thing.  I remember meeting my friend Mandy in the park when Jackson was about six months old and her telling me all about her blog.  She encouraged me for weeks to share my stories.  Now, Jackson is three, no longer in diapers, Marley is in pre-k, and learning Braille, and I’m sitting here writing my 75th blog.

Crazy!  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun blogging.

Some of you may have been with me from the beginning, and many of you have just recently started following my blog.  I would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

As many of you have noticed, I’ve been writing much more frequently than before.  I’ve said it out loud, but now I’m going to put into words of my intentions.  Blogging is a fun outlet for my creative fingers to type away any stress or funny moments that may be currently passing through my life.  I’ve feared that if I take it to the next level of blogging, it will turn into a job, and no longer be fun.  Time to kick that fear out of the driver seat and take my blogging to that next level.  Over the weekend, I’ve created a Facebook page.  Today, I purchesed my own domain so that Blind Mom in the Burbs is no longer at a, but at it’s own .com.  The results of posting more frequently, I’ve gained more traffic, in turn more followers.  Drumroll please…and the final goal of all of this…to in the some day soon to be near future get picked up by a publishing company for these awesome words of mine and make a little bit of money from my musings.  I’ve always dreamt of becoming a published author, so here I go.  Wich me luck.

It’s taken me 2,5 years to publish 75 blogs.  Get ready for some fun, because in the next 75 days I’ll be here sharing recipes, fashion do’s and don’ts, seeking advice, venting, laughing along with you as you read, blog give aways, and so much more!

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