The Grass is Always Greener



Have you ever scrolled down your facebook newsfeed only to be overcome with envy as you see your friends’ status updates and photos?

Have you ever secretly hated that beautiful woman in the grocery store?  You know, the one with the perfect body, hair, clothes, and perfectly little angels standing right by her side

Well folks, I’m going to tell it to you straight.

Status updates can me misleading and looks can be deceiving.

Those photos of your old friends from high school partying it up, their check ins at different airports and resorts all over the world, and status updates about whatever fabulous night they might have had, are all just the tip of the iceberg.  People only put the good stuff out.  Just like when you go to someone’s house, they’ll usually set out the nice glasses, and hang up the fancy towels.   Nobody wants to show off their chipped china.

As for that woman in the grocery store we all secretly hate, who knows what she might be hiding under her facade of good looks and self confidence.  She may be suffering from depression, in an abusive relationship, or have a drug or drinking problem.  She might be looking at you and secretly hating you for looking so normal.

I’ve recently found myself having this conversation on numerous occasions with different people.  It makes me wonder how many people out there reading my blog or status updates are secretly hating me.  My facebook timeline is littered with check ins at the pool, spa, or restaurants, cute photos and videos of my kids, and now that I’m blogging, links to my blog.  The things I write probably make me seem like I haven’t got a problem or care in the world.  It probably sounds as if I’m so confident and carefree.

My kids playing in our backyard

I am, and I’m not.  I still often struggle with my blindness and insecurities.  That fact that I can’t drive means that I miss out on a lot.  For instance, last weekend my kids missed out on a petting zoo birthday party because I couldn’t get them there.  I can’t just throw the kids in the car and take them to one of those indoor play cafes that are popping up all around town.  I can’t take them to visit their daddy at his fire station, even though he’s only 4 miles away now.  I can’t go out for an afternoon of retail therapy for just me.  I can go on and on, but what’s the point?

Our first family photo session taken last April

If I let myself get wrapped up in self pity, and dwell on the things that I can’t do, then I will never be able to enjoy the things that I CAN DO.  If I even start to feel slightly sorry for myself, I push that ugly negative thought aside and take a look around me.  I have two beautiful children and an amazing husband who provides me with everything that I could possibly want.  We live in our dream home and are almost finished with the remodel of our backyard.  The kids have a huge play room with their very own slide and trampoline along with all of their other toys.  I am fortunate that my husband landed the job of his dreams and I can stay home with the kids.  I have made a fantastic network of friends here in vegas and more friends all over the world.  If I can climb the Great Wall of China, which I did in June of 2008, then I can surely do anything.

Me on the Great Wall of China

In the house I grew up in as a child, we had a very green very beautiful front lawn.  I remember my dad having battles with the next door neighbor to keep the greenest lawn.  He gave that lawn lots of time, energy, and most importantly he gave it love.  And that’s exactly what makes my life so green.  All the expensive things in the world could never add up to the love that surrounds me everyday.

5 thoughts on “The Grass is Always Greener

    • Thanks Nai, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be in your shoes living in the city, but I don’t think my feet could handle it, lol. I love you too and wish we saw more of each other.


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