Race Weekend has arrived and I am Filled With Gratitude

the weekend I’ve been working towards is here!

in this photo, I have just picked up my race packet and I’m holding my race number.

Did you know there is an app where you can follow me on my run? Download the Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series app, and track my progress.

I am number 3711.

Today, I have the opportunity to be 1 of 4 athletes interviewed on a panel during the Las Vegas rock and roll marathon series press conference at the race expo. After the press conference, I was asked to do a one on one Facebook live interview. You can watch these interviews on Blind Mom in the Burbs’s Facebook page Where I have shared them.

Currently, I am hanging out with my daughter watching snow white while we wait for some friends to arrive from Salt Lake City to hang out for race weekend.

Tomorrow, I am hosting a pasta carb loading dinner as a thank you for everybody who has supported me throughout my training.

Sunday, we run!!!!!!!

I cannot express my gratitude to everybody who has been a part of this journey. I cannot express enough thanks for all the support I have been given. This has truly been a team effort. I will be channeling all of you, your love, your strength, your support to make it through that notorious marathon wall at mile 20, and to get me across the finish line. If there are tears, they will be tears of gratitude mixed with joy.

Lastly, to my guide Kim, who will unfortunately not be running with us because of a broken foot. Thank you 1 million times over for all of your hours and miles you have contributed to this training.

Please excuse any typos I may have neglected to edit out. This post is being published from the WordPress app on my phone.

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