What do you run for? I’m running for Braille Across America!

Exactly one month ago I was celebrating my finish of completing 150 miles at the Beyond Limits Running Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 72 hour event. I still have not yet written a full race recap. Every time I try, i’m overwhelmed with emotions. I knew going into that event that I would be going through a lot. What I have to say about those 72 hours deserves more than a blog post or a Facebook post. I know once I start writing, it will run, pardon the pun, away with itself and turn into that book that I will one day publish.

The landscape of life takes us through peaks and valleys, canyons, cliffs, barren deserts, and wide open Meadows. My heart is heavy with a few too many things, and so I run…

I run for my mental health.

I run for clarity.

I run for peace.

I run for an escape.

I run to numbe.

I run to feel.

I run for Joy.

I run because it is a place where I can just be.

In this current stretch, I’m making my miles count for more than just me. I am running to raise funds for braille literacy. I am participating in the National Braille Press Braille Across America event where individuals and teams across the country are running, riding, strolling, and rolling to raise funds to get more braille books into the hands of blind kids and blind parents.

National Braille Press makes it possible through donations from Events like this, and the generous support of sponsors to provide braille books at the same cost as print books.

The best part is that I’m doing this event with a few friends and my Marley.

If you’ve been following my blog Blind Mom in the Burbs then you know that we have had quite a journey as we have had to advocate for my daughters own right to braille literacy. thanks to the persistence we put in back as early as preschool days, my now middle Schooler has not only survived pandemic schooling, but is more than thriving with straight A’s in accelerated courses. This is all thanks to braille!

She at first was planning to complete the distance of a marathon during the challenge, then decided to triple that because it cost three times as much to produce a braille book than it does a print book. Now, she wants more. She is committing to go even farther than 3 times26.2. She is determined to complete more than 100 miles between March 17 and April 19 for Braille Across America.

Me? I plan to complete 365 miles, 1 mile for every day of the year! 39 of those miles will happen on my 39th birthday on April 2.

Won’t you support our miles and smiles as we go the distance for Braille Across America!

You can do so bye making a donation to our team or to our individual fundraising Pages by visiting this link. Or, if you want to make your miles count, you can join the team too for Braille Across America.

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