Rupp & Roll Marathon Training Team

I started this journey last December when I met John Sterling for our first Achilles Las Vegas run. He asked me what my goals were for running, and I said, “ I want to run the Las Vegas rock and roll marathon.”

In order for these next few months to be a success, I will need an entire team supporting me. I will need running guides, drivers, and childcare to help me get across the finish line on November 11.

How do I intend on making this happen? I have created a Facebook group called, “Rupp & Roll Marathon Training Team.”

I invite you to follow me on my journey as I conquer this incredible goal. Whether you are a local runner in Las Vegas and would like to share a few miles or twenty, as part of my training. Whether you are cheering me on as I run 26.2 miles up, around,and down the Las Vegas Strip. Whether you are there in person to catch me as I cross that finish line. Whether you can join the team by volunteering as a guide, watch my kids, or Driver. I can use all the support, kudos on Strava, and cheers via social media these next 14 weeks.

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