Tough Blind Mom Days

This week was a tough week for me. I found myself completely overwhelmed and crying. Sometimes sighted people just don’t understand how much extra planning simple things like trips to the doctor can be for a blind parent. I was our BELL Academy coordinator, and teacher, since my teachers were dropping like flies during the week. My daughter had to go homesick because she vomited from her sensitive stomach. She was fine later on, like she always is. The next day when we showed up again, the director of the center who was sponsoring our Academy refused to let her back in the building without a doctors note. There I was, about to start teaching for the day, and having to find a way to take my daughter to the pediatrician just to get a stinking doctors note. Luckily, my friend and lead teacher suggested to call my dad who had dropped us off, who probably wasn’t all the way home yet to turn back around to come and get us. When we finally arrived at the pediatricians office, I ended up crying at the counter explaining my situation. There was a doctor willing to see us, but then I was faced with inaccessible forms to fill out. My dad speaks very little English and couldn’t help me with that. We managed to get the doctors note, return back to the BELL Academy, but my daughter was required to stay home for one extra day just to be on the safe side. I’m not complaining. Life is good. I would not change it any other way. My week was totally worth it. However, sighted people just don’t understand how much extra effort and planning goes into simple things like taking a child to the doctor when you are a blind parent.

One thought on “Tough Blind Mom Days

  1. Terri, I absolutely agree with you. I often come across tons of sighted people in my family and throughout my community, who usually don’t have any idea what so ever about the capabilities of blind people.

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