Making it in the news

A few days before I ran my half marathon, I did an interview with Las Vegas review Journal. The article didn’t come out until the end of May, while I was off the grid on our family camping adventure. Friends texted me the link, was tagged on Facebook Shares, and told that I had appeared on the front page. When we returned home and emptied our mailbox full of three weeks of mail, I learned that it had been on the front page of the local mailer. Because of that article, I was contacted by A reporter from Channel 13 news and just gave an interview. I had a dream last night that a Las Vegas golden knights player wanted to help me get endorsements. Maybe this TV interview might find me a corporate sponsor to run with their name on my running gear. Who wouldn’t want their logo on my butt. Hopefully I wasn’t too awkward on camera.

Here is the link to the review journal article.

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