Rupp Summer Family Adventure

At 1:30am on May 26th, we hitched up the pop up tent trailer, climbed into our Honda Pilot, and said so long to the suburbs.

Just to add a special second touch of significance to that date, May 26 also happened to be our 11th wedding anniversary.

To celebrate, we were to spend the next 20 days making memories

as we traveled nearly 3000 miles on the road,

collectively hiked 300 miles through redwood groves, canyons, and ocean bluffs,

camped at five different parks,

hugged trees,

touched all sorts of sea creatures during Low tide,

played games,

rode horses,

laughed till one of us Peed our pants,

found $200 on the beach,

Inhaled as deep as we could the magic of the forest,

Embraced our inner hippie and did not shave for three weeks,

Earned Junior Ranger badges,

Chased waves,

Got sand blasted by the wind,

Hand wash clothes in buckets and hung dried them on a clothesline, later chasing our underwear down in the wind.

Took about 1000 photos,

Received about 80 mosquito bites,

Kissed banana slugs,

And overall had an amazing time!

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