The ultimate accessory that goes with it all

My friend S, Author of the blog, adventures in lowvision, just posted a clever piece about her new cane. Sorry S, I am already in bed and blogging from my phone again so I don’t know how to insert hyperlinks to take my readers to your page.

After reading about her new cane, I started thinking about all the canes I keep in the basket at our front door. At this moment, I have three standing there that belong to me, and two that belong to Marley. Jackson also has his own cane because he often doesn’t want to be left out. And my husband has a cane in the closet that he received at the white cane walk at the 2014 National Federation of the blind national convention. Every year, the national organization of parents of blind children host a white cane walk. This allows parents of blind children to be Todd by certified orientation and mobility instructors, so that they can in turn learn how to work with their own children when using a long white cane.

Why do I have three canes, just to myself? Well, I always need a spare because you never know when one will get snapped in a car door. Also, my canes are different heights. Why would I have canes at different heights? Simple answer is, to accessorize with my different shoes, of course. My cane tells me what is in front of me. I like my cane to be extra long for extra information sooner rather than later. If I’m wearing a pair of shoes that makes me a few inches taller, then of course my cane also needs to be taller.

No matter the occasion, whether I am dressed in a business suit, little black dress, athleisure wear, or hippy gear, I can always count on my long white cane being my favorite accessory item.

What is your favorite accessory item?

*** please pardon the typos, as this is another post published via the wordpress app on my iPhone.***

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