What is your Compass word?

Real quick before I get into bed for the evening. This is been on my mind as a pending post. I figured, why not just write a quick one now, instead of not writing it at all?

Earlier this year, a friend asked a question to a group of us, “what word would you choose to help serve as your Compass for the year?” This would be your north star word, your guiding light word, the word that turns you in the direction you want to head towards.

I chose the word… “value.”

So much of my energy in 2017 was lost in my self-worth conversation. I will leave that self-worth post for another day where I can dive more deeply and give it the proper time to articulate my thoughts.


I, I have value. I am valued. I serve value. Everyone I come into contact with, every situation big or small, there is value in it all.

So… What would be your Compass word?

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