Happy Birthday to Me and Happy Anniversary to Blogging

Earlier this month, I celebrated my 34th birthday.

Today, I celebrate 5 years of blogging.


29 year old me wearing a baby Jackson, and holding a toddler Marley’s hand at the park


I want to thank those of you who have been following my journey from the beginning.

I want to thank my friend Jessica for sending me the text that read, “Was just talking to my sister today about you and discussing how you do it being a blind mom in the burbs.”

I want to thank those of you who have just begun reading my ramblings.

Before we take a look back at a few of my favorites from the last 6 years, I’d like to take a moment to be just slightly bit serious.  When I began blogging in the spring of 2012, my children were 2.5 and 6 months old.  I had recently found myself running a neighborhood mommy meet up group.  My biggest worries were potty training, spit up, and where to host the next playdate.  In just a few months, my baby will be starting Kindergarten.  I will find myself in the next chapter of my life.  If you have read a few of my recent posts, then you have noticed that I am not well.  I have spread myself so completely thin with obligations and commitments that I am constantly on the edge of an anxiety attack.  The lines around my circle of concern and circle of influence are so blurred they have turned everything into an ugly grey.  In the beginning, I wrote to share my adventures on my life as a blind mom in the burbs.  Then we found ourselves in our Marley and Me series as we advocated for our daughter, who just so happened to be given mom’s eye condition.  Over these last 6 years, I’ve shared many joys, tears, hopes, dreams, and fears.  Many family members wondered why I wrote so openly and freely for strangers to read.  Why not?  If what I share can be a source of connection, inspiration, education, I’ll happily keep writing.  Today, however, my writing has a new purpose.  I invite you to continue along with me on my journey of self discovery, self compassion, and self growth.  I write for clarity.  I write for comfort.  I write as a creative outlet for self expression.  I write for me.

Happy Birthday to Me, and Blind Mom in the Burbs!

Here are a few of my favorite blogs.

My very first post was actually titled, “Blind Mom in the Burbs.

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