Release to rise strong and move forward while getting toned legs and a great butt

Taking a deep breath and giving myself permission to cry. Sometimes being a blind parent as well as a parent of a blind child is tough. Acknowledging things like this is not a sign of weakness, but the release needed to rise strong and move forward. Tonight’s event of experiencing Brene Brown lecture live couldn’t come at a more perfect time for me as it’s only the third day of school for Marley and I’ve been facing mountains each day to climb over just to make it to the next. Bright side of climbing mountains, is I have the tools to support me like great friends to call on, a great general ed teacher who is well organized, proactive, and ambitious about Marley’s education, a wonderful vice principal and my own knowledge of Braille and advocacy background. This year will only make me stronger. Climbing mountains also makes for toned legs and a great butt.

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