Kite Flying

IMG_5102Picture your child standing in a grassy field, hair blowing in the wind, face lifted up to the sky, a huge smile across their face, and arms outstretched as they hold onto the tugging strings of a kite.  Flying a kite is an activity all children, whether sighted or blind can enjoy.  With a little patience and guidance, the uplift of the right gust of wind can take colorful tails up and over impossible heights.  As parents, we might fear failure, or a crash and burn, but if we put our trust in the wind, our children can not just fly, they’ll flutter, float, dance, and soar freely in the sunshine.  


I write a monthly newsletter for parents of blind children, and this was originally written for the BEE; Early Literacy and Movement for Young Blind Children, NFB Braille Reading Pals Club & NFB Early Explorers Program.


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