April Showers Bring May Flowers

April was an abnormally wet one for us.  Yesterday mother natured ushered out the month with one last storm.  The desert dwellers of the Las Vegas Valley are more used to summer monsoon storms than these long, cold, wet stretches which resemble more of the California spring weather I grew up with.

But… April showers bring May flowers.

photo description, rose bushes with a talll fountain behind them with a clear blue sky

On this morning, the first morning of what I predict to be the first day of a beautifully colorful month, my senses are savoring every bit of sweetness floating my way.  From the aroma of coffee mixed with the fragrant Jasmine breezing in from the front yard.  From the moisture and puddles of yesterday’s storms still lingering around.  Even the distant splashing of the fountains and birds chirping their morning songs.  The sunshine coats it all with maternal warmth and saplings all around stretch just a little bit extra this morning embracing another day.

As mother nature nurtures, so do we as parents to our sprouting buds.  In order for our little ones to grow into resilient, compassionate, and strong human beings, we must tend to both their physical and emotional needs.  It’s every parents goal to protect their children from the ugliness of the world.  However, remember that each seed is different.  Some may need a little more water, while the next one over might drown with a little too much.

Parents, educators, family members, and the village of which that garden grow all contribute to the produce which we hope to yield.

Instead of continuing this post into a lengthy one, I am going to end it here.  My husband and son are cooking us breakfast, my coffee is getting cold, and my daughter wants help watering her purple and blue flowers she personally picked out from the nursery and planted a few weeks ago.

Happy Sunday, and happy gardening.

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