My Tasty Day! What’s on Your Menu?

On Friday, April 1, 2016, I enjoyed a tasty day.

Image of a heart with the words, %22Love, Laugh, Live,%22 in Braille

I chose a heaping serving of love and laughter for my life.

early birthday sushi lunch 3

Each bite was savored to the fullest..

my kids eating cupcakes

I suckled up every tasty ray of sunshine.

sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine

I overindulged in sweet smiles.

Jacson in his Star Wars shirt and Star Wars shoes standing in the sunshine


Stretching out every second like it might be the last, and ending the day feeling complete contentment and bliss.

cuddles with the dog

What’s on your menu?

***My day is still not over yet.  Currently, we are barbequing a huge piece of tri-tip, veggies, fixing up a yummy salad, and just downloaded Star Wars the Force Awakens.  I can hardly wait to finish off this tasty day with dinner, a movie, and of course a glass of wine in the hot tub.


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