In Loving Memory of Michelle Bruns Miller

On Sunday night, I learned of the sad news that a friend and mentor had passed away.  I tried writing this post that night, but it’s hard typing when tears are splashing down on to the keyboard.  So, here it is…

Dear Michelle

Words cannot even begin to describe the number of ripples you have sent out into the world.  Your powerful, and vulnerable energy infected us all.  You barely stood five feet tall, but your love for your friends, your work, butterflies, shoes, the color pink, and for all man and animal kind couldn’t ever be measured.

I was in my early twenties when I first met you.  I was lost, confused, feeling ashamed of my blindness and trying to hide what has become the most influential piece of me.  Knowing that I needed to do something different in my life, I found myself at the Sacramento Society for the Blind.  That’s where I first found that blind people could indeed be confident, stylish, and in control of their lives.  That’s where you strolled in in your cute shoes and  It was because of you and the rest of the staff there that I took a stand for my own life.  I left everything that was familiar and comfortable, flew half way across the country, and got the training I needed in order to fly with you and the rest of the butterflies.  You not only did this with me, but with hundreds and hundreds of blind youth, adults, and seniors, all hiding in our cocoons.

Thank you for your friendship.  Thank you for your mentorship.  Thank you for believing in me.  Thank you for being you.

I hope you are dancing with Tufty in a field of colorful spring blooms.

Love you always and forever, may you rest in paradise.





3 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Michelle Bruns Miller

  1. Michelle was indeed a remarkable woman. She overcame many obstacles in her life to become the wonderful, inspirational, loving and beautiful person that she became. The world is a bit darker without her shining presence. Rest in Peace beautiful Butterfly.


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