A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Marley meeting Cinderella

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

When you’re fast asleep.

No matter how you’re heart is dreaming.

If you just keep on believing.

A dream that you wish will come true.

Marley and Cinderella

Last Easter I had a dream.  I dreamt that one day, my Marley would be able to participate like her sighted peers in the beloved childhood tradition of hunting for Easter eggs.

For years, I ran a mommy and me meet up group.  Every year we held our annual Easter egg hunt potluck.  Families brought treat filled eggs to share, the Easter Bunny hunted eggs with the kids, and of course the picnic tables were full of tasty both home made and sore bought delectable delights.

IMG_2584 IMG_2656

Marley always had a great time, but her basket always contained a fraction of the other kids.

Last year, I was no longer running the mommy group.  We attended her friend Sophia’s birthday around Easter.  The kids dyed hard boiled eggs, and had their own private Easter Egg hunt in Sophia’s backyard.  Marley’s friend Olivia filled up her basket before Marley even had a single egg in hers.  Noticing this, Olivia than helped Marley find eggs for her basket.  Marley had a blast at the party!

We also spent the week of Easter in California visiting family and spent Easter afternoon at my aunt’s.  She has a large grassy backyard perfect for egg hunting.   Jackson could  care less about hunting for eggs.  All he wanted to do was play with the cool tractors, dinosaurs, and swords.  Marley put her heart and soul into feeling around for eggs.  Just as she got close to finding one, one of the big kids swooped it right up.  This happened over, and over, and over, and over.   Once again, Marley had a blast just being there and being part of the action.

That egg hunt in my aunt’s back yard broke my heart.  Here was a 4 year old girl so excited to hunt for eggs with her cool older cousins.  There they were, those older cousins running circles around her piling eggs filled with goodies into their baskets.  There Marley was delicately feeling her way through the grass searching for eggs, and swipe.  Just before her fingers touch it, it’s gone.

One of my favorite quotes come from Walt Disney.  “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

I took that dream and I declared that it will be a reality in 2015.

the Nevada Organization of Parents of Blind Children are collaborating with the Nevada Blind Childrens Foundation and will be delivering this dream on Saturday March 28th at Sunset Park in Las Vegas.  We are in the starting stages of plans.  We’ve secured a time, date, place, face painter, balloon artist, and volunteers for arts and crafts.  We just need to secure the beeping Easter eggs, and donations for food and candy.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to we working on this event.  Stay tuned for more updates as it comes together.  Best of all, stay tuned for the blog I will pubish on Monday March 30th sharing all about Marley’s first Beeping Easter Egg Hunt.


2 thoughts on “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

  1. This is so exciting! The Virginia and if he does something similar to this every year. I have never been involved in the planning, but if you need ideas or anything I’m sure the Virginia parents division would be glad to share. Good luck!

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