I Choose Health Over Vanity

This is not a blindess related blog.  Instead this is a rant on my thoughts on health verses vanity.  It seems like everytime I go home to visit family someone has some sort of comment about my weight.  Before, it was that I was getting too thick and I needed to loose weight, now it’s I’m too thin and I need to eat more.  Well, here is my take on all of this.

I don’t care on how thick or thin I may be.  I choose to eat the way I eat for my health. I’ll be perfectly happy if I weight 110 or 150.  What matters is how I feel.  I don’t keep a scale in my house because I don’t care about the numbers.  I care about how my stomach feels if I’ve eaten something I should or shouldn’t have.  I care if I’m going to be bloated and in pain all night after eating too much processed food.  I care if I’ve gone number 2 that day or not.  I am a true believer of you are what you eat.

I’m not a vegan.  I’m not a vegetarian.  I don’t follow a paleolithic diet.  I’m not gluten free.  I don’t just eat organic or hormone free foods.

I drink a ton of water.  I follow an 80/20 rule when it comes to what I do eat.  I limit my sugar, dairy, processed food, red meat, don’t eat fast food with the exception of In & Out, don’t drink soda.  I love chocolate, wine, and the occasional pizza or turkey burger and sweet potato fries.  I love the fact that I am going to go out back to my garden today and pick everything I will need for my salad for lunch.

I appreciate when others take into consideration the choices we make.  I am thankful when someone askes me if its ok if my children have this or that instead of just tossing a McDonald’s bag full of chicken nuggets and french fries in front of them.  The are starting to understand the difference between real food and junk food, but they are still just children.  We limit their exposure to junk food to limit their temptation.  We spend a lot of time in the car driving from Las Vegas to Northern California a few times a year, and we still manage to make the drive without filling ourselves with convenient gas station food.  We always keep a cooler of fruits and jars of nuts to snack on so that chips and cheetos won’t even be an option.

If I were loosing weight and trying to get a beach body to look like all of the other girls found at the pool parties in Las Vegas than I could simply pay a few $$$$ and have a doctor do it all for me.  This is not for vanity.  This is for my family’s health and for our future.

Thank you for listening to my rant.



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