To You Mother, Happy Mother’s Day

To you Mother, I write you this rhyme.

To you mother, thanks for your love, help, and time.

Thanks for keeping me warm those nine months you carried.

though I may have made you nauseous and weak and wearied.

Thanks for giving me comfort all those times that I cried.

Since I was a baby to adulthood, you still dry my eyes.

I may have fought, screamed and wailed.

Through it all, your love never failed.

You held me up and taught me to stand.

When I wasn’t sure, you held my hand.

You encouraged my dreams, the big ones and small.

You let me spread my wings to accomplish them all.

You taught me compassion, empathy, you taught me to care.

You taught me to laugh, to play, to help, and to share.

Now I’m a mother, and I thank you so much.

For all your guidance, support, your love, and your touch.

So to you my mother, there’s not much more left to say.

Happy Mother’s Day today, tomorrow, every single day.

This goes to all mothers out there, not just to mine.

to my aunts, grandmothers, sisters, friends, thanks for your love, help, and  time.


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