Happy Halloween


I am such a kid when it comes to Halloween.  The decorations of slightly spooky touches are here and there and everywhere in our house.  If my husband let me have my way, there would be cobwebs hung from every doorway, and orange and black everything.  We’ve managed to keep a happy medium with bewitching classy  yet sophisticated spookers.


The other night, I single handly carved both pumpkins.  Hubby had homework to finish, so we all set up shop together in the backyard to enjoy one another’s company while he edited and I carved.


The kids were all about helping, until it was time to stick their hands in the pumpkin and pull out the guts.


Not a bad job for my first solo pumpkin carving, especially since part of the first pumpkin was already rotting away.  We’ll just call this one our aperra singing jack-o-lantern.


And this one?  He’s our Jack-o-lantern with the lazy eye.


What I’m most excited about his Halloween are our costumes.  Last year we dressed up as the Super Rupps, with Supermom wearing a wine bottle opener on her sparkly purple utility belt that matched her sparkly purple cape.  I’m bummed we don’t have a decent family photo of the Super Rupps.

This year,…

Marley is a, “Fairy Princess Pirate from the Pumpkin Patch Neverland Hunting Forest.”


Jackson is a, “Firefighterman.”


Hubby is Hazmat Control from the CDC.


And I’m the Tooth Fairy.


This is my first year EVER incorporating my cane as part of my costume.  I miraculously fit into my high school senior prom dress, had the hubby cut out paper teeth for my toothy tiarra, and topped it all off with a giant construction paper tooth on my cane.

After pressing publish on this blog, we’re rushing out to a park play date this afternoon with a little 2.5 year old boy who just received his first cane.  Both his parents are also blind, and great role models for all kids both blind and sighted.  I’m excited for Marley and Jackson to meet them.  I’m positive this will just be our first play date of many.

And lastly, we will be ending our day with chile, trick-or-treating in a neighborhood where the community actually still celebrates with hundreds of kids running around, and roasting marshmallows around the fire pit.

Here’s to a safe and Happy Halloween to you and your little ghosts, goblins, and gools.