The Potty Party

It occured to me that I have never posted a blog on potty training as a blind parent.  Now that I’ve gone through it twice, I feel adequate enough to be able to pass on a few things I’ve learned  during this exciting developemental milestone.

1.  They are ready when they are ready.

With Kid #1 I was determined to have her out of diapers before Kid #2 was born, which was just before she was to turn 2.  It almost took an entire year of trying again and again before she was completely potty trained.  Moms, my best piece of advice is don’t give in to the peer pressures of parenting.  Just because the other 2 year olds your child may be playing with are already completely speaking full sentences, riding tricycles, and are both day and night time potty trained doesn’t mean your kid is any bit behind in development.  I took a much more relaxed approach on potty training with Kid #2 letting me show me the signs that was ready to use the potty, and believe me, it was much for stress free and fun.

2.  Go with the Potty Training Bootcamp Method.

Learn all about How to Potty Train Your Kid Boot Camp Style by Alpha Mom.

I used this method with both of my children.  With Kid #1 it was more like a week before she was completely potty trained.  Since it was August in Las Vegas, I kept her completely naked accept for underwear.  She quickly learned she did not like being wet and would cry for fresh ones after an accident.  She seemed to pick up on going npoop much quicker than pee.  This is probably because going poop required a little more concentration.  At just past 2 and a half years old Kid #2 woke up one morning and told me he wanted to use to toilet.  This kid doesn’t even call it the potty.  He says toilet.  In less than three days he was completely potty trained, with pee that is.  He refuses to sit and poop on the toilet.  It’s been a month now and he still refuses to use the toilet.  After tossing out almost all of his underpants from being fed up with washing out poop, I decided we were going to have to resort to Pull Ups.  This way I’m not stuck with a mess, and he can still easily use the toilet on his own.

I can’t say one kid was easier than the other.  It may have been easier with Kid #1 since my son was still taking two long naps a day and barely yet mobile.  We spent much of our time playing outside under the patio, with the water table, and when we were inside we stayed in the main living areas of the house to limit where accidents might happen.  There were a few times when she didn’t tell me about an accident and I found myself slipping in pee on the floor.  However with Kid #2, his older sister loved being on Potty Patrol and helped get him excited about being a big kid like her.  It wasn’t hot yet, so my blind mommy trick this time around to limit clean up was to keep him in thick sweatpants.  I know, you’re probably thinking, “Sweatpants? ” Yes, sweatpants. His underpants and the thick sweat pants material soaked up any of the pee he might have from accidents, meaning no messy clean up on the rugs or floor.  Kid #2 is even worst than his sister when it comes to not wanting to be wet.  He’d cry immediately for dry clothes after an accident.  We just need to get past this pooping problem with this one.

3.  Make it a Potty Party.

If you’re feeling anxious or stress out about the process, than so will your child.  Decide that week that you’ll be doing laundry everyday and going through a ton of towels.  Get a big bag of treats whether you prefer jelly beans, M&M’s, stickers, etc.  We used a poster board where we drew stars, happy faces, and sad faces,  Then we ran to the kitchen where everyone who was home got a mini M&M.  Lastly, we all danced to the front of the house where my Freedom Bell was kept and took turns ringing it shouting, “Woohoo Jacksn went peepee in the potty!”  Make it fun, be silly, sing, dance, and enjoy!