Literally Plant a Seed by Joining the Puzzle Campaign

How to I even begin this blog?  I am a 31 year old mom to two beautifully healthy amazing children.  Pregnancy came easy to me.  It almost seemed like all we had to do was think baby and there I was pregnant.  Unfortunately, the road to motherhood takes a little bit longer with a few extra twists and turns for some,  some women like my dear friend Deja.

Me, Marley in my belly, and my old roomy Deja

Me, Marley in my belly, and my old roomy Deja at the 2009 National Federation of the Blind Annual Convention.

This is not the first time I’ve written about infertility.  However, this time I’m writing for a cause.  I’m writing to spread awareness, asking for help, and sharing the dream that one day Deja can too, hold her new born baby in her arms like I did with my two children.

Baby Marley

Baby Marley

Baby Jackson

Baby Jackson

Deja and her husband started out the year with a different sort of New Year’s resolution.  Their resolution was to have a baby.  Along with writing about blindness and all things stylish on her blog. she shares her stories and battles with infertility.   However, infertility is expensive.  That’s why they’ve launched the Puzzle Campaign.  Learn more about this awesome couple, and the Puzzle Campaign by checking out Deja’s blog at Slate and Stylish I’m embarrassed to say that I have not yet contributed to the Pubble Campaign. Deja, here is ourpledge.  I pledge $40., $20 for each of our two children. We are also donating a canvas print from The Seed Project to their upcoming online auction. Please consider contributing to the Puzzle Campaign or participating in next month’s auction to make this couple’s dream of becoming parents come true.

Infertility – more like unfairtility

As I meet more and more women through my mommy groups, I also meet more and more  who suffer from infertility.  Below is a link to my dear dear old roommate Deja’s open and honest blog about her own battles with infertility.  Reading it just makes my heart ache for her.

Please feel free to read Deja’s honest story at Slate and Stylish by clicking here

It’s not just Deja.  I was actually having this very discussion about how unfair it is with Aaron last night during dinner.  There are couples out there spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to have a baby. And there are also women out there fighting to keep that little baby in their tummies for at least 34 weeks.  In the meantime crack whores are getting pregnant left and right.  Babies are being dumped in dumpsters, and 13 year olds are getting pregnant.

Why do we call it infertility?  It should be called unfairtility.