Fun Trivia Fact, What Color are the Streetlights in Henderson?

I find that I am spending more and more time in Henderson.  It’s quite literally just on the other side of the Interstate.  Most of us in this area have no idea where Vegas ends and Henderson begins.  Actually, did you know that the two cities have completely different colored streetlights?  That’s a fun fact for a trivia game.

Why am I going on and on about streetlights and the city of Henderson?  Since I’ve been running, and since I’ve been spending all of my free time preparing for our NFB of Nevada BELL Academy, which will be taking place at the new Henderson campus of the Nevada Blind Children Foundation, I’m loving the city more and more with it’s family friendly feel.  From the running trails, parks, schools, community activities, and lastly our off Strip Local stay-cation spot at Lake Las Vegas. I’m in need of a summer program for my future engineer like Snapology.  After learning about the STEM themed parties, summer and after school programs, I’m halfway tempted myself to open a franchise.

future engineer holding a lego car

I’ll stop blabbing on, but before I go, if you live in either Vegas or Henderson, can you please do me a favor?  Step outside after the sun goes down and tell me if the streetlights are white or yellow?