Do You Want to Build a Snowman

As the temperatures drop drastically.

 The desert dwellers pull out their parkas and winter ware.

And I,

I dig through photos of winters past for a fun one to share.  Rupp family + snowmanWelcome to Las Vegas in the winter.  Just minutes outside of the city you’ll find Mount Charleston covered in powder.  Last year, you would have found Mr. Snowman Rupp.  Daddy Rupp, Mama Rupp, and the little Rupps built him on our first trip up in November and each time we visited the rest of the season we saw that he was the photo op stop for all other family visiting the area.  Glad the Rupps could add to the flurious fun for everyone!

Happy 1st of November

Happy first of November to you and yours.  There’s nothing very clever or insightful I have to write about today.  I’m still trying to wake up and clear my head from the wine and candy from the night before.  Our Halloween festivities kept us out until about 1am.  It’s noon and we just ate breakfast.  Now, what on Earth are we going to do with two grocery bags full of candy?  Luckily, I found a willing 20 year old to pon off one of the bags to.  I’m sure he and his room mates will enjoy it.  I’ve hidden the other bag so that we aren’t tempted to sneak anymore.  Those will be saved to be used as bribery treats.  I see no shame in bribing my kids.

Here we were about to get in line to enter a awesome neighborhood haunted house.  By then Marley and Jackson had ditched their fairy wings and firefighter helmet, and I'd lost the tooth off of the top of my cane.

Here we were about to get in line to enter a awesome neighborhood haunted house. By then Marley and Jackson had ditched their fairy wings and firefighter helmet, and I’d lost the tooth off of the top of my cane.

Goals for this Saturday… after a cup of hot chai tea, I will…

1.  Put Halloween decor away.

2.  Daily house chores in keeping the house tidy; laundry, clean the kitchen, clean the bathrooms, and pick up the kids rooms.

3.  Get some Braille fun worked into the day with Marley.  I’m designing a tactile board game for Marley to practice her Braille and learn how to read simple words.  I’m also going to order more Braille tape, and clear adhesive paper for putting Braille into books.  You know that contact paper you use for lining drawers and cabinets?  I’ve discovered that that is the most cost effective way to go to turn a regular print book into a book with Braille.

4.  Pull out the slow cooker.  The cool weather has finally arrived in Las Vegas.  The temperatures dropped about 30 degrees overnight.  I woke up the the sound of the wind gusting outside, wind chimes going crazy, and the delicious smell of rain.  It’s going to be a soup kind of night.

And 5.  Get in some sort of physical family fun.  It’s a little too windy for a hike.  Perhaps a family yoga session, or a family dance party with a game of twister?

What does your first of November look like for you?

Until tomorrow, make it a great day!




30 Days of Thankfulness; Day 9

November 9, 2012

I am thankful for a long hot shower and hot tea.

This morning, while I was cooking pancakes for the kids, my husband told me I looked like shit.  He didn’t mean that in a mean way.  He was letting me know he could tell I was feeling pretty sick.  This cough that I’ve had for a few days is now a head cold.  My ears hurt.  My head has so much pressure built up, it feels like my eyes will pop the next time I sneeze.  And if I cough or try to talk, it felt and sounded like a frog crawled in my throat and died.  All I wanted was a nice long hot shower by myself.

If you don’t have children, then you don’t understand how rare those are.  They are truly a luxury for us stay at home moms.  Unless I get my butt out of bed before the kids wake up for a quick in and out rinse, it is rare that I get any time to myself in the bathroom.  If I choose staying in bed rather than showering, I either have to sneak away during Jack’s morning nap or have a little party in the shower with both toddlers at my feet.  So, after I finished making those pancakes, I decided to take advantage of having hubby home in the morning, and take myself a nice LONG HOT shower, alone.

Sadly, it didn’t last long enough.  Those showersnever do.  But the nice trade off for getting out before I was ready was the smell of breakfast sausages and potatoes calling to me.  The smell would usually be accompanied by my favorite smell in the morning, a fresh pot of coffee, but this morning I passed on the coffee.  This morning, and all day, I had what Marley likes to call, “Honey Tea.”  Honey Tea is Chamomile Tea with lots of honey.  The honey is supposed to help get rid of the cough.  Yes, I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t take medicine unless I’m so sick I can’t get out of bed.

And now as I’m sitting here writing, I have with me a hot cup of Honey Tea accompanied my my favorite drink at night, a glass of red wine.  But I think I’ll save being thankful for wine for another night. 😉