Look Out Bad Water 135! Here Comes Your First Blind Female Runner

In February I ran my first 100 miler, but that doesn’t officially count because it was a self supported fat ass race. Last weekend, I ran my first official 100 miler at the Beyond Limits Running Jackpot Ultra Running Festival, where I logged 115 miles in 72 hours. What next? Here it is! My new obsession. In between phone calls, emails, and zoom meetings, I’ve been learning all I can learn about Badwater 135. This race starts in Badwater in death Valley, the lowest point on the North American continent. This race is run in the middle of July where temperatures are regularly above 120°. this is not just a 100 miler. Runners will go 135 miles from Badwater to Whitney portal, the beginning of the highest point in North America.I need to complete two more official 100 milers to be able to apply for this race. My goal is to do this in 2023, the year I turn 40. I live in Las Vegas with prime training conditions to run in triple digit heat. Death Valley is just less than three hours away so my guides and I will get plenty of opportunity to train all of the portions of the actual race. Lastly, it’s a road race, so I don’t have to worry about obstacles like rocks, roots, boulders, and other things on a trail race. Is it crazy? Yes! Is it scary? Just a little bit! I’m so excited! Why not shoot for something just a little bit scary and crazy? Look out Badwater! Here comes your first blind female runner. #Runstoppable #NotJustABlindMom

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