A Hello Message to Red Rover Coaches and Kids

Since the fall of 2018, i’ve had the joy of being a part of our afterschool running program. Red Rover teaches the kids to sweat and smile while playing games and learning good form and technique about running.

The kids get to learn that even though I can’t see the way they see, I’m still able to be out there having an awesome time in the middle of all of it.

I still can’t throw a frisbee to save my life, but I am down to do jump squats, lunges, Burpee‘s, and play freeze tag with the rest of them. Let’s not forget about our favorite game, “ Larry, Mo, and curly.“

While other parents are sitting cozy in their cars watching us run around on the field, I’m grateful to be out there making memories to last a lifetime.

I miss my Red Rover kids and our afterschool shenanigans. Here’s a message from Marley, Jackson, and I to the coaches and kids of red rover.

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