Creating a New Normal

Today marked the first day of week 2 as we work on creating a new normal in our home.  The kids are asleep, I’ve just finished my second glass of wine, and all I have to say is, “I’m tired.”

As your family works on creating a new normal, it’s completely ok to grieve the old normal.  It’s ok to cry.  We’ve all cried.

My girl cried when she realized the school play might not happen.  They’ve put so much work into it.  It broke my heart, and all I could do was hold her tight and let her cry out her fears.

My boy cried because he misses school.  My exceptional second grader who’s reading at a fifth grade level, who loves structure and organization cried because he wants things back the way they were.  I do too my love.

My husband, who works the front lines as a firefighter/medic cried for the hard times our city will see.  He’s sees the real, the raw, and the unfiltered things the rest of us are sheltered from.

I cry when the fear creeps in at night that my husband might run a critical call on a covet-19 patient.

Here is what I tell my kids.

It’s ok to feel sad, scared, angry, or confused. Whatever you’re feeling, you get to give it permission to come out. Once you let it out, say hello, and let it go.  Find someone you love to hold onto and work through your fears and tears with. Curl up and get cozy, love those fears and tears away with the new normal you get to create together.

Our new normal is made up of lots of sunshine, laughter, and late night cuddles on the couch.

What does your new normal look like?

photo of my boy and I cuddling on the couch under a red blanket

One thought on “Creating a New Normal

  1. Terri, my new normal consists of continuous studying and keeping up with courses as a university student in a Master’s program. However, instead of looking forward to waking up every day and getting ready to make the 30 minute car ride from one village to another to get to campus, I now have to live with the reality that all of the four courses I’m taking this semester will have to continue online. I’m just thankful that my Braillenote Touch makes my university’s online learning platform, along with other educational sites easy to access. So, aside from working on my university courses, I’m taking some free enrichment courses on the side for fun when my time permits. I’m also blogging as well.

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