Just another mother runner Who happens to be blind

On the morning of May 6, my running guide/driver Kim picked me up at 6 AM. During the half hour drive, we talked about all sorts of great stuff, like how we need time for our bodies to wake up before a long run, and how it’s so important to make sure you poop. I hadn’t pooped yet. All I could think about was that I was to run 13.1 miles and I hadn’t pooped yet. My apologies if this is too much information.

This morning, while I was on the toilet, my running guide texted me that she was outside. I texted back, “Pooping. Be out in a few. Sorry if that’s TMI.”

During that drive to the half marathon last May, Kim told me about a podcast I might really enjoy. This podcast is hosted by two mom runners. This podcast talks about all sorts of stuff from running, to gear, to balancing kids, to diet, to even pooping and breast feeding schedules.

I haven’t been much of a podcast person. I enjoy spending way too much time on Facebook, reading blogs, books, and turning on my audiobooks on the Bluetooth speaker while I’m doing chores around the house for entertainment.

I guess I’m into Podcasts now thanks to the discovery of this one.

This one is called, “another mother runner.”

If I knew how to insert hyperlinks from my phone, then you could just click on, “another mother runner,” it would take you straight there.

Since I’m not willing to dedicate the time to learn something new. Since I don’t have any working Wi-Fi in my house and don’t feel like tethering my phone to my computer to hop on it’s hotspot, you’ll just need to google up, “another mother runner,” to find the podcast for yourself.

Me, I’m going to finish this glass of wine. I’ll make sure the kids have brushed and floss their teeth. Finally, I’ll enjoy a good nights sleep, because I am just another mother runner who woke up at 4 AM to get in a 6 mile run before my kids woke up.

I am just another mother runner who has found my Zen through running.

I am just another mother runner juggling a crazy hectic schedule, a marathon training plan, kids, a husband who is just slightly on the OCD side of keeping a clean house, I am just another mother runner who feels great after getting in a good long run.

I am just another mother runner who happens to be blind.

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