My immigrant story

I do my best to stay out of political discussions especially when they are extremely heated. However, I just want to share my story again. I was an immigrant child. My family fled from Cambodia because of our own genocide. I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. I have no memory of any of this because I was able to immigrate to the United States before my second birthday. My parents managed to live their version of the American dream. They owned a thriving business for 25 years. They were a staple in their small-town community. They were, and still are the foundation and backbone to our family. They raised three children who are now raising their own children. We were immigrants then. We are Americans now. We vote. We pay taxes. My brother serves our country in the army. He has been deployed twice, once serving nine months in Afghanistan. My sister is a nurse. I am an advocate, and this is my story.

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