My Running Journey with Achilles #ForTheLoveOfRunning

I began my running adventure with Achilles Las Vegas on Thursday, December 14th.  On our first run, I could barely run two miles.  John, my guide, asked me what my running goals were, and I said, “I want to run the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon.”

On December 31st, my brother, sister-in-law, two nieces,  and Achilles team ran the Resolution 5K with me.

I have always enjoyed running, but was faced with the obstacle of not being able to see.  Running with Achilles Las Vegas has given me the freedom to enjoy new parks and trails all over town.

How do I run without being able to see?

Before Achilles, I ran in the middle of the street in safety of my gated community, or bounced along like a hamster on the treadmill at the gym.

After learning about Achilles, I now run with a sighted guide.  We each hold a tether that is about 18 inches long with a loop at both ends for our wrists to go through.   My sighted guide basically runs next to me being my eyes, telling me about obstacles in the way, turns coming up, people or tree branches to go around, and my favorite, dog poop to step over.

On Sunday, May 6, I completed my first half marathon.  I had hoped to complete the 13.1 miles in 2:30.  Considering that it was 90 degrees, hilly, and I peed twice, I’m super stoked that I completed it at all.  As we climbed the switchbacks towards the finish line, my family waited with water guns ready to spray my team and I.  I crossed over the timing mat at 2.49 with a huge smile of relief and pride that I’d done it!

Halfway to my marathon goal, I get to begin the real work of training in mid-July.  I’ve decided to go with the Jeff Galloway Method.  My goal for this first Marathon is to get to November 11th without injuries, and to finish the 26.2 miles before they start shutting down the race and bussing people back.

Follow me and the Achilles Las Vegas team as we train and log in the miles.  If you love running, don’t mind early mornings, join us!

Whether you’ve got experience or not, Achilles pairs volunteers with athletes of all abilities to get out, get active, and enjoy physical activities like running, hiking, biking, and more.

I love that I am part of the running community.  I love that I am part of a team.  I love running.


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