For My Loves on Your First Day of School

Today is a big day.  Today, is your first day of school.  When you step onto the playground, and into your classroom, mommy wants you to remember these two very important things.  You’re backpack is loaded not only  of school supplies, your lunch not just packed with healthy eats, the most important thing you are bringing with you today are kindness and compassion.

Marley, this summer you discovered that blindness comes in all different flavors.  Just like blindness, personalities differ as well.  Some personalities might mix with yours better than others.  Just remember that no matter how nutty, gritty, sweet, or sour they may be, you feel better when you add in sprinkles of kindness.

Jackson, you have always been my special little guy who wants to know how everyone feels.  Keep those questions in your heart.  Trust your tummy.  That tummy of yours, and those dragonflies fluttering about will never fail you in making the right choices.

This morning I’ll make sure to swirl an extra layer of love into your breakfast, spread an extra serving of kindness into your lunch, and stir an abundance of happiness and joy for my special girl and boy.  I promise to keep your bellies fed with love, so that you never run out as you step into the adventure of another school year.



image of a heart with two footprings inside of it. Over the image are the words, Many people will walk in and out of our life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your hea

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